It’s (already) MAY 🎤

Dang five months already?

Doing things scared

I drafted this newsletter when the “It’s gonna be May” was still relevant (dubious on whether it’s still funny). By my own fault entirely, we’re making it to the second week of May already.

There has been a lot of thought about what I want these newsletters to be other than a reminder that I (and my shop by extension) exist. I think every creator in this age understands how rough it can be to wear the hats of a creator and marketer at the same time. I have been scared of being seen as a failure and as a success. It’s not something people often talk about even now in social media spaces where everybody can be their own boss. (I don’t know how those Pinterest-Etsy moms do it!)

Prepping my mind to allow people to perceive me has stopped me in the past to experiment and play as I used to when I was younger. In the past month, I’ve debated opening a Patreon, selling at art shows, and so on for the same reason. So I think this May, I want to work on taking steps outside my comfort zone again. There is a lot of joy I’d like to spread and I can’t do so by hiding myself!

I hope you continue to enjoy following my journey and find yourself prioritizing yourself more and more too.

Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What's important is the action. You don't have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow…

Carrie Fisher (our Space Mom)

Recommendation of the month

Polite Society - Now in theatres!

If you haven’t heard of Polite Society yet, let me put you on this. This film follows two Pakistani-British sisters and their struggle with coming of age, identity, sisterhood but with more martial arts and humor. Highly recommend this watch to those looking for a big joy ride out of a movie.

New to my shop!

The Knuckles sticker I needed when I worked Customer Service

Sleepy Squad unite! (Seconds holo stickers)