Resting is good and necessary

The secret to not feeling guilt when you do NOTHING

I know it’s been a whole 2022-2023 trend for the “recovering people pleasers” to learn how to put themselves first, but LISTEN. I am not immune to the sensationalized self-care movement. I’ve been struggling with balancing my role as a business owner and someone who wants to advocate for my right to be in a Brain-Off-And-”Unproductive” mode within a capitalist society every now and then. However, I have good news!

I have 3 new items hitting my Etsy shop.

DBZ x Power Rangers Cross Over Vinyl Sticker

Customer is always WRONG Vinyl Sticker

Psycho Rangers Glow in the Dark Vinyl Sticker

If that hyperlink didn’t do it for you, here’s a button. I know they hit different.

Let’s tie this back to the title of the post

I attended Comic Con in Austin this month after weeks of not creating new items for my shop and felt inspired and invigorated. I love seeing artists come together and celebrate geekdom in their own artistic voices. I used to see other artists’ booths and feel so intimidated that I wasn’t as polished or established. But a thought hit me at this con and to really land the message, I need to provide Context.

Said Context

I came to this Comic Con with one goal and that was to meet James Hong and give him an art print that I finished just for this occasion. My dad loved Big Trouble in Little China and passed on the love to me and my brother. We stood in line for 30-45 minutes with no success. (Some dude showed up with a wagon of things for Mr. Hong to sign…) BUT the couple in front of me saw my print and immediately gushed over it.

I told them I wanted to gift this to James Hong but since he had to close the line in order to get to his panel, I gifted it to them instead. They were in disbelief that I was serious about it. I could tell it really made their day because they asked for my name, shook my hand, and said they loved my art.

Landing the plane in this story

I was bummed as all heck but as I walked through every booth I realized… There were no art pieces that looked like mine. It has taken me this long to understand that I do have unique stories to tell and the spirit that I imbue in all the art I create. Thinking back to how happy that couple in line was, I know that I could bring that same joy to so many more people if only I owned my talent and voice.

I am so lucky that I did not burn myself out in June because I would not have had the energy to create that James Hong piece. I wouldn’t have had the chance to make 2 complete strangers happy (I should’ve asked for a photo with them. They exist, trust me!)

The next time you’re feeling bad about doing “nothing” just know that nourishing and replenishing your energy is the most important thing you could be doing.