shame is a mindset

belated happy new year!

hello everybody!

I love the feeling of a fresh slate. 2024 is where i’ve been internalizing the beautiful advice you’ve probably heard me say in my videos. “don’t be scared to be seen trying.” it’s not a new phenomenon to feel trapped in a box of “perfection” but it is deadly relatable.

so far i’ve gone to jury duty for the first time (was ultimately dismissed), picked up dancing again after 5 years, ordering from an Alibaba manufacturer, publicly showed off a new OC for art trades, and was on a podcast as a guest! welcoming these new experiences with childlike curiosity reminded me how much grace there is when you’re new at something.

sometimes we think we get to/should carry our ego from being good in other areas to follow into these new activities. however, there is so much freedom with obscurity! you only get to be new at something once so just let it feel like play.

here are other things I plan to try out this year:

  • sewing my own power rangers costume

  • submitting my art to a gallery show

  • creating my website from scratch

  • running a review blog for media that I enjoy??

let me know about what you’re excited to try out! unlearning our internalized shame requires time and patience but I am so looking forward to the adventures that come with it.

here are some fun links to end the newsletter with:

The Power Ranger podcast episode I was a guest in:

New Products in my shop!