The Artisthood of the Traveling $50 & more!

Here’s a phenomenon you may not know about artists and commissions.

There’s an inside joke that we pass the same $50 around because it seems like as soon as one of us gets a commission, we turn around and commission another artist to draw our original character (OC). Why?

We simp for pretty art of our OCs just like everybody else. We love being artists and consumers of art. Being on both sides of the process has made me aware of ways I want to streamline my own commission process.

I’ve also seen how nervewracking it can be for people to commission artists, so here are tips when commissioning art for yourself! (Oh hey, my commissions are also officially open now! More info at the bottom.)

Don’t skip the tutorial stage

Artists all have unique systems that work for them but typically there will always be a rates sheet and a terms & conditions outline. Do yourself a favor and read through it so you know whether it matches your budget and whether the turnaround time works for you.

Gather your references in advance

If you have inspiration photos, past artwork created, and any other visual aids you feel would help the artist, you can create a Pinterest board with these photos, or put them in a Google Drive folder or a document

I always have a Notion document with all of my character’s general description and personality written out AND visual references. It makes things easier for me when I can just paste the link into commission forms or DM it to the artist.

Efficient Revisions

When it comes to revising my art so they match my client’s vision, here are 2 tips that I wish I can broadcast to all clients.

  1. Don’t be afraid to request or ask about something. You shouldn’t have to tell yourself “Let’s see where this goes. Maybe it’ll get better at the end.” As a paying client, you can ask for changes so that you feel proud of the final piece. If you aren’t sure about a decision that the artist made, go ahead and ask for clarity!

  2. Take your time. When that first draft is sent to you, carefully look through the entire piece instead of relaying your revision requests one at a time. Artists often have a cap on how many revisions come with your commission. It’s best to request everything at once rather than burn through your limited requests.

Closing out with a bang

I am taking commissions for original character designs as well as fanart, pet portraits, and client portraits (yourself or other people you know.)

Tap the button below to look through my commission portfolio, look at my pricing, and fill out the interest form if you want to work with me!